Speculations have been high that the IPL may be rescheduled later this year, but the BCCI may not hold the tournament in India since this COVID situation is predicted to prolong and the medical experts are also warning for a third wave in the country.

As per the reports coming from English Cricket Board press releases, the director of English Cricket Board, Ashley Giles updated that the England Cricket team has quite a packed schedule from June onwards, hence it will be impossible for the England players to take part in the remainder of the IPL tournament, if rescheduled later this year.

The most awaited cricket tournament IPL draws attention from cricket lovers and critics all across the globe as the tournament features the biggest superstars of the game and the excitement level for all the matches is quite high. Owing to multiple covid positive cases amongst the players and support staff, the BCCI was left with no option other than to suspend the tournament midway. The T20 World Cup is scheduled for October-November this year so the BCCI may look to reschedule the tournament either prior to the World Cup or after it is done.

But since the English players will be busy with their country duties during those times, the participation of the English stalwarts seems difficult which will be a huge blow to the teams and a disappointment for the fans.  

One of the major concerns among the players has been the strict regime of maintaining the secured bio-bubble which puts the participating players in a confined lifestyle which many players are finding difficult to cope with. Ben Stokes have been quite vocal about it and other players have also mentioned their struggles regarding the new COVID regulations which have been put in place. 

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