Today’s IPL 2021 match scheduled between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Royal Challenges Bangalore has been cancelled since spin bowler Varun Chakravarthy and medium pacer Sandeep Warrier have tested positive for COVID-19. The match was to be played in Ahmedabad which has now been rescheduled. All the participating players and support staff have been following a strict biosecure-bubble regime to keep the contagious virus at bay since the 2021 IPL season began this year and this has to be the very first case that the infection has been able to breach and affect anyone from the teams.

Upon backtracking it has been found that the KKR spinner Varun went to a hospital to get a shoulder scan for a probable injury, even though all the protocols were strictly followed but it is believed that he might have got infected during that visit. As per the latest reports all the other players and support staff from the Knight Riders’ contingent have tested negative for the virus.

And to worsen everyone’s fears, we have learnt that Kasi Viswanath [CEO of Chennai Super Kings] and L Balaji [Bowling coach of Chennai Super Kings] along with one maintenance staff have tested positive for COVID-19. All three of them will go through another round of testing to make sure that it wasn’t a case of false positive, luckily all other team members and support staff have got negative results. So, for now the CSK camp cancelled their practice session.

If things continue in this fashion, we might witness a scenario wherein the IPL tournament may get cancelled which will not only be a heart-break for the fans but could turn out to be a huge setback for all the team managements as the stakes are always high in a multi-million tournament like IPL. It is to be observed that every year IPL tournament brings in a lot of viewership thus a lot of money for the stakeholders and moreover in these grim times, the tournament has served as a distraction from all the negativity and fear amongst the Indians as the country is going through quite a huge COVID wave this time.

We all hope that we overcome this pandemic and return to life as usual.

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